Thursday, April 4, 2013

51 call center interview questions

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ks below:

1. What is your philosophy towards call center work?

2. Why do you want to work as this call center position in this organization?

3. Tell me about a suggestion you have made as call center?

4. Why should we hire you as call center?

5. What does Customer Satisfaction mean to you?

6. What are the works of Team Leader in Call Center?

7. What do you enjoy about working in a call center?

8. Describe what a call center agent is?

9. Why is teamwork important in a call center?

10. What are your computer skills and what software applications have your used?

11. What size was the customer database you dealt with?

12. How many calls did you take/make in an average day?

13. What was the average length of each call?

14. Tell me about one of the toughest groups you have had to work with in order to achieve a task or objective.

15. Tell me about a time when you were able to help out a team member.

16. Describe a situation when you felt a team member was not contributing enough. What steps did you take?

17. Describe a situation when you had to deal with demands from an unreasonable customer.

18. Tell me about a time when you went the extra mile for a customer.

19. Describe a situation when you had to calm down a very angry customer.

20. Describe a tough problem you recently had to sort out for a customer.

21. Give me an example of a decision you had to make quickly while dealing with a customer recently.

22. What steps did you take when you found out that a problem was a result of inefficient service by your company or colleagues?

23. Describe a situation when a customer really upset you but you had to remain composed.

24. Tell me about a stressful interaction you had with a team member, how did you handle it?

25. How have you handled conflicting demands in the past?

26. Describe a situation when you had to change your approach because your first attempts to persuade a customer failed.

27. Tell me about your approach when calling a brand new prospect.

28. How have you managed to overcome a customer’s objections in a recent call?

29. What are methods that are used to manage Call center?

30. How to maintain Call center activities?

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